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Zoom Player Pro is still my favorite player, but the options you want are always hard to find. Since I just had to reset the settings (by deleting the folder in the registry–HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VirtuaMedia\Zoom Player), I'll try to document here where the settings are that I tend to change.

  1. Switch to Advanced Mode
  2. Interface
    1. Move Mouse off-screen when Mouse is hidden by inactivity?
    2. Auto-Size Interface to maintain Video Aspect Ratio (when resizing)
    3. Auto-Size Interface to fix Source Video Resolution (on load)
    4. Control Bar
      1. Buttons - maybe change some
    5. Keyboard
      1. Space Function - Play / Pause Video
    6. Mouse
      1. Double Click - Fullscreen on/off
      2. Wheel
        1. Mouse Wheel Functions - disable all but Time (Skip|Jump|Seek) and Volume Control
  3. Playback
    1. On Play Complete - Do Nothing
    2. Auto-Play media file when opened - disabled
    3. Remember last media position (days) - enabled, set to 9999 days - Don't remember media position for Audio Files** - disabled
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