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WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) is a standardized protocol on top of Websockets (or raw sockets) that provides RPC and publish-subscribe. It's mostly driven by the company "Tavendo", but there seems to be a decent amount of outside interest.

It has client and router implementations in many languages.


Crossbar is the canonical WAMP router, created by Tavendo, though there are other router implementations available.

Currently it is in a pre-1.0 state1):

Beginning from 1.0.0, we'll follow a strict semantic versioning
approach, with a documented, well-defined set of APIs (rgd. CLI, config
files, WAMP meta API and CDC management API), proper changelogs etc etc.

We are not quite there. Things are still in flux .. yeah, I know, app
developers need (and deserve) stability especially in infrastructure
stuff. No question. Thing is: at this stage, we still need some freedom
to experiment and see what works in practice.

But the WAMP protocol itself should be stable.


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