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With ctags created for everything, use:

  • Ctrl+] to jump to a tag
  • Ctrl+t to go backwards through the tag stack


  • Ctrl+x, Ctrl+o activates omni-completion if it's set up
  • There are other types of completion, but I don't know the commands off the top of my head

Tab size

set tabstop=4
set ts=4

Mouse Selection in Terminal

By default, Vim enters visual mode when you select something with the mouse. When I'm editing a file in Vim in a terminal, I want to copy the selection to another program. Here's how to fix that:

  • In vim, issue the command: :set mouse-=a
  • Or, in .vimrc, add the line: set mouse-=a

Arrow Keys Don't Work in Insert Mode

Try creating a .vimrc file if it doesn't exist (cf. Mapping arrow keys in Vim).

For myself, I would copy/link my version controlled .vimrc into my home directory.

Use Lighter Colors in Console

set background=dark

Cool, but I'm not sure how to make it useful since I don't always have a dark background.

Well, it's not too bad to occasionally type the short version:

set bg=dark
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