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Availability / Indexes

  • provides availability for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and shows which titles have HD and 5.1 surround
  • provides availability info on quite a few services (reliability is questionable; e.g. today I searched for "Dollhouse" and it said it was not available for streaming free through Amazon Prime, which it appears to be)


5.1 Surround Sound

Currently (2013-07-20) Netflix doesn't support 5.1 surround through a standard PC browser (which uses Silverlight).

Surround sound is supported on devices (Roku, Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360, etc.).

The audio format used is Dolby Digital Plus (DD+), so the AV Receiver must be capable of decoding that format.

It looks like the Windows 8 app does support 5.1 surround sound; see Netflix Features on the Windows 8 App.

Instant Queue

The Netflix instant queue is nice to have, but I've been bitten by relying on it too much: when they remove titles (or seasons), they just disappear from your list, so you can't see your previous progress. It would be best to keep track of progress / things to watch in an independent location.

Amazon Instant Video

5.1 Surround Sound

According to it looks like 5.1 surround is supported on PC, but I haven't tried it yet.

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