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I used Trac for a while for my Senior Design project in Fall 2008, before moving it to Google Code.

Lack of syntax highlighting

Eclipse seems to set the svn:mime-type property of text files to text/plain rather than to something specific to the type of file (e.g. .java), which appears to be the reason that Trac is not doing syntax highlighting on them. I'm not sure why it does this, or which is in the wrong, or how to fix it permanently.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that text/plain is incorrect for Java files; see for instance

When specifying the filename, the site directory refers to the htdocs directory within the trac project (so, e.g., site/JGrit_Team_Image.png would be /var/trac/jgrit/htdocs/JGrit_Team_Image.png, given that the JGrit trac project is in /var/trac/jgrit).

For example, to make the "View Tickets" navigation button point to report #1, add this to trac.ini:

tickets.href = /report/1

XMLRPC (for Eclipse Mylyn)

To install (as of 2008-10-06):

  1. Download source, extract
  2. sudo easy_install xmlrpcplugin/0.10
  3. sudo easy_install xmlrpcplugin/trunk
  4. Restart Apache
  5. Enable plugin components in trac.ini:
    tracrpc.* = enabled

    or enable everything from the web admin interface.

Problems for larger projects / multiple projects

It seems like a simple thing, but the main issue raised to me was the lack of a "Product" field. See also the Support for Subcomponents ticket and TracMultipleProjects (including TracMultipleProjects/SingleEnvironment) on the Trac website.

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