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Web Server / Web Apps

Operating Systems



  • RPM Specs - the traditional way of building RPMs
  • fpm is a way to build packages (e.g. RPM, DEB)
  • Source installers - other nontraditional ways of building/managing packages


Web Development

Core Technologies

Web Development Frameworks


  • LiveReload - extension + monitoring program to automatically reload pages as the source files change

Other Software

Remoting (RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, etc.)

    • Mosh - more robust SSH with local echo; requires application on client and server, but uses SSH tunnel
  • NoMachine NX
    • At least as fast as VNC, faster than X forwarding
    • Possibly some visual artifacts (may depend on configuration)
    • Supports resizing the window
    • Supports seamless/floating mode like X forwarding
    • Ties together multiple remote technologies (NX, VNC, xpra, rdp) to provide access to remote applications

General note: VNC on Linux doesn't work well with Eclipse–it can crash VNC.

Most of my remote access is done in GNOME on Ubuntu; most of that happens through SSH. Some of the tools I use are sshmenu, GNOME's bookmarks (for SSH and Samba mounts), nautilus-open-terminal, and a simple utility ("runremote") that I wrote to open a Nautilus window from the terminal on a remote machine.

Windows Remoting (dated)

PuTTY-specific utilities


Text editors, that is—particularly source code editors.

Eclipse is a FOSS IDE with support for just about everything (at least it has good support for Java, C/C++, Python), though it's far from perfect. It's a huge memory hog, and it feels pretty slow. But unlike Jetbrains, you can install any Eclipse plugin in a single installation (e.g. one workspace with Java, C++, and Python).

Jetbrains (IntelliJ platform): PyCharm, CLion, IDEA

KDevelop has some great C++ features, with some limitations versus Eclipse. It certainly feels faster.

At one point, I found a modification for VIM called Cream that gives it more "standard" (i.e. CUA) behavior, but it has some annoying problems with certain keyboard shortcuts that I use fairly often.

Netbeans, despite not being as nice right offhand as Eclipse, has its good points.


Not primarily used as an editor, this program is a pretty nice, quick way to do search and replace across multiple files. Based on my first use of it, I like the interface better than that in, say, PSPad.

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