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SQuirreL SQL Client


  • Limits rows to 100 by default, which is good for performance, but there should be some indication that only X rows out of Y are shown, and maybe an option to view the next X rows.
  • When editing a table ("Make table editable"), the client shouldn't lock up if the command fails (e.g. INSERT).


Dumping tables

Select one or more tables, right click, Scripts, choose a script.

Part of the SQL Scripts plugin; appears to be a simple script, so only works with tables (e.g. can't dump views, procedures).


I was trying to connect to an instance of Oracle over VPN, and I couldn't connect directly (it gave a network error). However, I could connect if I forwarded the port through SSH.

I replaced ojdbc14.jar with a new version, and then it worked as originally expected.

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