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SQL Workbench/J


  • Oracle driver: default JAR filename and class name are set incorrectly (for an old version maybe?)
  • Command-line: options require an equals sign (e.g. "-libdir=lib" works but "-libdir lib" does not) and no reasonable error message is given if you try to use spaces
  • Console mode doesn't seem to work with the "-libdir" argument; I had to add the option to workbench.settings (e.g. "workbench.libdir=/opt/jdbcdrivers")
  • Appears to be no way to take SQL input from stdin
  • Ctrl-D (EOF) doesn't exit the console mode
  • Batch mode doesn't necessarily give good errors when a connection fails (e.g. if it can't find the driver JAR)
  • Console mode didn't work correctly with -profile until I edited the driver settings to cause it to create a WbDrivers.xml in my settings folder (even though the GUI worked).
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