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Introduction / Disclaimer

I'm not a Ruby programmer, so I currently only look at Ruby-related things when I need to (e.g. to run some useful package), thus these notes might be inaccurate or unhelpful.

Learning Ruby

One thing about Ruby is all the interesting learning material, for the language itself and for Rails. Here are some that I've come across so far:


From a quick search in 2013-04, here are some interactive console options:

Note on Linux: if readline keyboard shortcuts are wrong, check ~/.inputrc; it should contain set editing-mode emacs or set editing-mode vi depending on your preference.

Another option seems to be built in (cf.

irb -r irb/completion

I have no idea why this wouldn't be the default. On Windows, it may be simplest to just add that option to the shortcut. Should also be able to add the line require 'irb/completion' to ~/.irbrc (not sure where that's supposed to be on Windows).

Gems vs. apt-get

It seems that the usual suggestion in the Ruby community is to install Ruby itself using the system package manager (possibly ruby-full, then install RubyGems manually and use it to install other Ruby packages.

RVM may also be recommended, depending on the situation.


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