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Remote Control

  • Fabric - uses SSH to run commands, so no installation is needed on the remote side; easy to use for quick and dirty scripting
    • Cuisine - a bit of higher-level functionality for Fabric
  • Func
  • RunDeck - provides a web interface for users to run jobs (e.g. could be used as a frontend to something like Ansible)
  • Foreman - semi-related: it handles provisioning, configuration, and monitoring, and it can integrate with Puppet and, to some extent, other configuration management tools
    • Part of Red Hat Satellite Server 6

Configuration Management

These are just a few.

Both (Remote Control + Management)

  • Salt
    • Uses SSH, with no daemons running on the remote nodes
    • The original author wrote Cobbler and part of Func 1)
  • Rex - seemingly-lesser-known alternative, written in Perl, that appears to be similar to Ansible in many ways (e.g. uses SSH, supports ad-hoc commands)
    • Instead of something like YAML for configuration, it appears to use pure Perl, with a sort of DSL on top

Both Salt and Ansible use YAML by default for storing configuration and Jinja2 for file templates.

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