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Initial Impressions

I watched a couple of videos, and really liked the idea of Rails.

  • AJAX with fallback
  • XML and JSON interfaces
  • Not sure about how to create something that looks decent (CSS)

However, when I started trying to get something working, I had nothing but trouble. I was able to get RadRails working on my Mom's computer, but now that I'm trying to get it on mine I'm hitting lots of unhelpful error messages: things missing, gems can't compile, etc. I figured I'd try it in Ubuntu, hoping that the package management and build situation would be improved, but there are still problems building packages that the IDEs require or recommend, and complaints with pretty much anything I try to do.


Apparently on Ubuntu I was missing some packages; gem didn't give particularly helpful error messages (you have to look at some of the files it mentions). One of the things was the ruby -dev package.

API Website

The API looks kind of intimidating; I think part of that might be the stylesheet. The pages at look much friendlier, though the content is the same. Compare, for instance, the page for ActiveRecord::Base: APIdock vs. RoR.

Learning Material



I rather like (the idea of) some of the tools available for (i.e. easily integrated with) Rails, including:

  • HAML
  • Compass
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