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Game Programming

Open Source

Closed Source

  • Unity (primarily 3D but there are 2D options; 3 language choices; vendor lock-in)
  • Unreal
  • Corona (Lua, non-free)
  • GameMaker Studio
    • 2D, easy to get started, drag-and-drop features
    • Uses its own scripting language, "GML"
    • Mobile modules are expensive to get started, costing $300 for each platform in addition to the $150 base license (or $800 total for everything)

General Tools

  • Marmalade - compatibility platform for iOS/Android
    • $150/year for basic version
    • Works with things like Cocos2D
    • I think it allows deploying iOS applications from Windows

General Applications (out of date)

  • Appcelerator Titanium
    • The standard way of developing a Titanium app seems to be using their APIs to create a native interface. It's also possible to do something like PhoneGap (using standard web HTML/CSS/JS) to create "hybrid" apps.
    • Wunderlist was developed with Titanium. As of 2012-04-08, the iPad and Windows versions were Titanium (and open source, though it's not immediately clear if the iOS-specific bits are there). It should be noted that the packages are large; iPad version is 13MB, and the Windows version was 21.5MB. The Android version was rewritten as a native app because the Titanium version was too slow; Appcelerator has apparently been working on the speed, for example replacing the Javascript engine with V8.
    • May have some prospects for game development
  • PhoneGap - mostly you write a web application; it just provides a few Javascript APIs
  • Mobile-centric Javascript frameworks: see javascript
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