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Gnome multi-monitor taskbar


To have a window list on a secondary monitor, simply create a new panel, move it to the secondary monitor, and add a window list to it. Windows on that monitor will now show up on that window list instead of on the one on the primary monitor.

Recovery of a deleted partition

After graduation in December 2008, I figured I'd just take the hard drive out of my Linux machine and use it to start a new VM in my main desktop (so I didn't have to lug two computers home). There was a partition I used for swap (in Windows) at the end, so I deleted it with Windows Disk Management; this was a bad idea. It appears to have also deleted the Linux partition at the beginning.

First I tried TestDisk, which looked like it should have worked, but it didn't appear to find anything useful, even though it took quite a while to do a deep scan of the space where the partition was. Then I tried DiskInternals Linux Recovery for Windows. It did a lot of reading, and appeared to find some files, but never finished the "building tree" phase, even after many hours.

Finally I just tried the first suggestion listed on the DataRecovery page on the Ubuntu help wiki: using GNU Parted. I did the rescue command, giving it the start and end of the blank section (which included the Linux swap partition, which it ignored), and it immediately showed me a description of the lost ext3 partition, asking if I wanted to add it to the partition table. I said yes (actually I first had to restart into the Ubuntu Live CD, since I was using VMware at the time), and the missing partition was back.

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