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  • When you update a method signature in the header, it updates it for you in the source (or vice versa)
  • Completion for headers "does the right thing" with respect to Qt no-extension headers (e.g. QtCore/QString instead of QtCore/qstring.h)
  • Sometimes able to automatically insert headers
    • Unfortunately, this does the wrong thing for Qt headers, using the lowercase .h versions
  • Completion for implementing methods (add in header, then press Ctrl+Space in source file)
  • Completion for stack constructors (e.g. QString string("foo");), unlike Eclipse (as of 3.6 / corresponding CDT version)
  • Understands CMake to some extent
  • Auto-declaration of variables: if you type an assignment (e.g. result = some.method()), it will offer to create a local variable with the appropriate type. This is especially nice if it's a complex type.
  • Automatically changes . to -> for (raw) pointers (of course it can't know when to do this with smart pointers)


Possibly I could be missing some configuration options.

Code Formatting

  • On line continuations, I prefer not to indent up to the level of the opening parenthesis
  • Code formatting doesn't add line breaks (though sometimes this behavior is desirable)
  • Pressing enter when typing an argument list puts the closing parenthesis in a weird position
  • Pads template parameters (e.g. QList< int >)
  • Seems to have trouble with case statements (e.g. try renaming a variable that's assigned in a case statement)
  • Auto-indents namespaces even when the coding style has that off
    • Could use an easy way to surround the file with a namespace, or maybe have a namespace option in the class wizard
  • Completion for implementing methods (add in header, then press Ctrl+Space in source file) always puts the opening curly brace on the line below the signature, regardless of formatting settings

Missing versus Eclipse

  • New file templates
  • Templates for e.g. main, for loops
  • No way to run an appropriate executable for the currently-selected project, or quickly select which to run (have to go through menu)
  • Generating getters and setters
  • Code Analysis (e.g. no return value); sometimes these things are caught by the compiler
  • No automatic addition of doxygen param tags when creating comments
  • In Eclipse, pressing Enter inside a string literal inserts the appropriate line break and double-quotes
  • Always-visible outline (but try Ctrl+Alt+N outline / Navigation → Outline)


  • Each execution creates a new console; there appears to be no way to clear these all at once
  • "Build Selection" appears to build all projects, not just the selected one
    • This hides build warnings
    • Edit the "Project Selection" in the area below the project list to choose which projects are built with "Build Selection"
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