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Jython-Specific Notes

  • When tracebacks are printed for unhandled Java exceptions, they don't go into the Java code. You have to manually catch them and <tt>printStackTrace()</tt>.
  • The interpreter is very slow to start. A little faster if you use the client JVM, but still very slow.
  • If you need to step into or break on Java code while debugging, I'm not sure how you would do that.
    • I've been writing Java/Groovy snippets and debugging them.
    • Maybe paid IntelliJ IDEA with the Python plugin would do it?
    • PyDev isn't able to
    • Maybe it would be possible to attach a Java debugger to an already-running Jython application, with appropriate configuration?
      • Indeed, it looks like the author of Pydev says you can start Jython using the Java debugger using the Jython jar (and optionally connect with the PyDev remote debugger if necessary), or the other way around.
      • Eclipse: "Remote Java Application" (add remote debug listening options to Jython run)
      • Running a Jython program as a Java application, at least in Eclipse, works well but takes some extra setup (e.g. extra dependencies)
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