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Java Libraries


Prefer SLF4j. See notes below.

Alternatively, check out log5j; it supports printf-style formatting and (apparently) varargs (but is not nearly as popular or compatible as SLF4j.


Might want to use XLogger instead of Logger; see

Probably either Logback or Log4j as the back-end for SLF4j.

Bug #31 discusses use of varargs (i.e. lack thereof) for logger methods.

Option/Argument Parsing

I haven't tested all of these yet.

Layout Manager

I've used JGoodies Forms (along with JGoodies Looks) and I've been very happy with it. Some features:

  • It supports/recommends font-based sizing ("dlu"/"dialog unit")
  • Button factories create standard button layouts in OS-specific order

MiGLayout seems to be well-liked; at least it wins out on StackOverflow (e.g. Which Swing layout(s) do you recommend?).

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