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The backend has been separated out:

The package is built from the main repository.


The GNOME 2 applet is gone.


There is a Cinnamon applet on the website. I haven't tried it.


This does show the task and time. I'm not sure if it does auto-complete. But I'm not sure I like GNOME Shell well enough to switch, and I'm worried about something like this breaking as GNOME Shell is updated.

Hamster on MATE

Rough branch:

MATE applets in general:

Maybe a better approach would be to rewrite a very simple applet that shows the current task and time, and launches the standalone version when you click it (possibly with right-click options for the other dialogs).

An alternate hackish way of handling it would be to make something that puts text in the notification area (cf. Workrave).


Available in RHEL7 EPEL (xfce4-hamster-plugin).

Doesn't appear to be in Arch or AUR currently.

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