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Common problem to RTM and calendar apps (or maybe I'm the problem?): I feel like I need an option to keep sending me a reminder every once in a while until I complete certain tasks. These are tasks that I want to do soon, that I might otherwise forget about, but that don't actually have a fixed deadline.


Pocket Informant

  • Seems to have a lot of flexibility (e.g. repeating events)
  • Seems to crash a lot and be kinda sluggish in places


Remember the Milk

Not OSS, but has some definite advantages: very quick, offline support with Gears, API.

  • Backup data using API?
  • More GTD-centric client?
  • Traceability? It looks like completed tasks are kept forever.
  • Needs a quicker way to add lists
  • I was thinking of sub-tasks, but I guess that probably means the "super-tasks" should actually be projects
    • Maybe needs a quicker way to create new lists, like converting a task item to a list
  • GTD (p. 137) suggests that you may start with somewhere around 30-100 projects. How well will RTM scale to this number, and what about all the archived projects there will be in the future?
  • Doesn't seem to add new projects (added elsewhere) until you refresh the browser
  • Doesn't seem to search notes by default; requires several more clicks
  • Seems to log me out every few days
  • Needs a way to quickly filter/search the current list


Tracks - it looks like I'll probably try this or Chandler

  • Lots of statistics available
  • Wasn't as easy as expected to set up, manual isn't very good, no real instructions on how to serve with Apache


Chandler - it does sound awfully cool, though when I think of Java I think of high memory usage. Standalone app and server (for synchronization with standalone app and for web use) are free open source. It looks like they've done some research and have a theory and plan for how things should be done.

  • The client is Python with wxWidgets (seems a bit sluggish, memory-intensive)
  • I'm fairly impressed with the planning process and the general amount of thought that seems to be put into it; enough to keep watch on it (but remember that people say it's been very slow in developing thus far). Chandler Wiki, Chandler FAQ



  • GTD-Free
  • ThinkingRock


    • Has Android app, working on iOS app
    • It's a freaking shell script
  • Emacs Org-mode - uses a special wiki-like plain text syntax; lots of magic, such as spreadsheets
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