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fpm is an application that makes it easier/quicker to create RPM/DEB packages. I've used it for creating quick local RPMs for RHEL, as well as for packaging Python applications for deployment.

For updates, see the CHANGELIST file in the base directory, or look at the commits on GitHub.

Using for Python Packaging

I starting packaging Python applications with something similar to the process described here: The author has been updating the article; history can be found on GitHub 1).

Using on RHEL5

I've built FPM for RHEL5 and packaged it into an RPM (using itself). This required building a new version of Ruby, which is installed in /opt/fpm; then gem is used to install fpm and its dependencies.

Usage Notes


Use the --directories option to specify what directories should be owned by the package. Otherwise, it will only own the files.

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