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Firefox notes

Note: this seems to be fixed in newer versions of Firefox, at least when keywords are set in the "Manage Search Engine List" window.

At work I often search for something with "c++". Using my quicksearch set to "g", the pluses weren't getting escaped; Google instead saw spaces. Here's a way I found to use javascript to fix this:

javascript:window.location="" + encodeURIComponent("%s")

Just put this in the location property of the bookmark instead of the original. Of course, this should work with any other quicksearch—just put the "%s" in the encode function.

userChrome Customizations

Put the following in userChrome.css (in the chrome directory of your Firefox profile):

  Grey out pending (unloaded) tabs; make unread tabs italic.
.tabbrowser-tab[unread]:not([selected="true"]) {
  font-style: italic!important;
.tabbrowser-tab[pending]:not([selected="true"]) .tab-text {
  opacity: .5!important; /* Adjust this opacity setting to taste */
/* Remove "Send Link..." from context menu */
#context-sendlink {
	display:none !important;
#context-sendpage {
	display:none !important;
/* Remove "Send Image..." from context menu */
#context-sendimage {
	display:none !important;


/* Give the Location (URL) Bar a fixed-width font */
#urlbar {
   font-family: monospace !important;


See the extensions Show Parent Folder and Go Parent Folder.

Firefox Add-ons

Usually installed

  • HTTPS Everywhere (not on Mozilla site)
  • Session Manager
    • Add undo close button to the toolbar, probably to the right of the address bar
  • Tree Style Tab
    • Try setting browser.tabs.animate=false in about:config (mentioned in version history for 0.19.2017031101; seems to improve performance)
    • I liked the coloring of groups in Tab Kit, but it didn't work after Firefox 4, and Tree Style Tab seems to work better overall.
  • Pocket
  • Tabs on Bottom (also by Piro, author of Tree Style Tab) - add back "double-click on tab bar to open new tab" action that I apparently (unconsciously) got used to using
  • Foxmarks Xmarks ("discovery" disabled)
  • DownThemAll
  • FireTitle - could use to automatically move certain windows to certain desktops (or physical screens probably) via naming rules. Also can replace Firesomething (minus the random name generation) for distinguishing different profiles.
    • Formerly the titles didn't save with Session Manager, but they do now.

Sometimes/previously installed, not always together

  • FireGestures
    • I use four gestures: up (undo close tab), down (close tab), left and right (back and forward)
  • Vacuum Places Improved (can help with the huge number of bookmarks)
  • Open in Browser
  • Add Bookmark Here
  • Go Parent Folder
  • Scriptish / GreaseMonkey
    • Google Cache Browser
  • Certificate Patrol: great idea, but nothing to deal with Google's many certificates
  • Automatic Save Folder
  • AutoHideStatusbar
  • Tab Clicking Options (for setting "Duplicate Tab" when double-left-clicking on a tab)
  • NoScript
    • NoScript Options|Advanced|Untrusted|Block scripting in whitelisted subdocuments of non-whitelisted pages prevents scripts from running in iframes even if whitelisted, unless the top-level document's site is whitelisted as well.
    • Pocket add-on (new) - requires whitelisting some sites

Extensions to Look At

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