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This is an incomplete list of some databases/technologies that I've either used or stumbled upon over time that sounded interesting for some reason or other.


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • SQLite


  • Neo4J - graph database
  • ArangoDB - NoSQL / graph DB
    • "key-value pairs, documents and graphs"
  • OrientDB - some kind of combination between relational, key-value, document, and graph database
    • Supports multi-master replication; on failure, "All the clients connected to the unreachable node will switch to another server transparently without raising errors to the Application"
    • Saw a reference on the web page for Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
    • Apache License (free for commercial use), commercial support available

Graph Database Tools

  • TinkerPop - common stuff that works on top of many graph databases
    • Supports (among others) Neo4J, ArrangoDB, OrientDB
  • Bulbs - Python persistence framework for graph databases that supports Neo4J or Rexter (part of Tinkerpop)
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