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SASS/SCSS is an improvement of CSS; it's translated into normal CSS before being sent to users.

The original SASS program, written in Ruby, compiles two syntaxes: SASS (indented syntax) and SCSS (a superset of normal CSS).

There is now a C/C++ implementation of SASS/SCSS called libsass. You can get a C version of the compiler frontend, or use it through a Node.js wrapper (e.g. gulp-sass, grunt-sass). pyScss is a compatible compiler in Python, which only compiles SCSS; there are also Python bindings for libsass.

See also Compass.


LESS looks similar to SCSS, but the compiler is in Javascript, and can be run client-side or server-side.

lesscpy is a Python LESS compiler (it's used by FreeIPA 1)).


  • Bootstrap (uses LESS, but there is an official SASS port)
    • PatternFly Open Interface Project from Red Hat
      • "Promotes design commonality and improved user experience across enterprise IT products and applications."
      • Used by FreeIPA 2), Foreman, Cockpit, and other projects
  • Foundation (uses SASS)
  • YAML (uses SASS)
  • Susy (uses SASS)


Twitter Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework. It's based on LESS, but it also has an official SASS port (maintained using a conversion script).

Some interface builders are being created for it to help get started quickly:

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