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Cream for Vim

Cream makes Vim less harsh. It gives it many of the behaviors of a modern editor, with Vim's exhaustive syntax highlighting support and the power of the VI command mode lying in wait in the background.


It has a few problems though; if I could customize away the issues, maybe it could replace Notepad++ or PSPad for day-to-day tasks, and certainly be a great option on Linux. Some of these issues are from Vim/gVim.

  • Shift-Backspace doesn't work the way it should (see below for fix), and Ctrl+Backspace/Del has its issues
  • Undo/redo granularity seems to be too big, so that undo/redo often fails me
  • Linux: flashes a terminal window before opening cream
  • Linux: disabling single session mode doesn't seem to do anything
  • Linux: it seems that only one cream window can be opened per DISPLAY (i.e. if I have cream open from linux_stage_a, and try to open a file with it on linux_fred, it tries to open the same path in the instance of cream on linux_stage_a!!!)
  • Pressing Esc with expert mode turned on toggles between normal and insert mode, unlike regular vi(m). This is mentioned on the TODO list for cream.
  • Selecting some text then typing (intending to overwrite it) does not work.


  • Shift+F4, (char): fills the rest of the current line with a given character

Unmap Shift-Backspace

Put iunmap <S-BS> in ~/.cream/cream-user.vim

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