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 cmake --help-module CPackRPM cmake --help-module CPackRPM
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Build-Time SVN Revision =====
 +It's easy to use the ''​FindSubversion''​ module, but then the revision number doesn'​t get updated until you re-run CMake. There are a few different ways to get around this.
 +Examples of creating a header containing the SVN version: http://​​questions/​3780667/​use-cmake-to-get-build-time-svn-revision
 +For setting CPack variables, you can set ''​CPACK_PROJECT_CONFIG_FILE''​ (something like ''​CMakeCPackOptions.cmake''​ or ''​CPackOptions.cmake''​),​ which gets run once each build for each generator, but there are some gotchas. In particular, you don't have access to ''​CMAKE_...''​ variables, so you may need to generate the CPack project config file from a "​.in"​ using ''​configure_file''​. See [[http://​​Automatically-add-a-revision-number-to-the-CPack-installer-name-td7356239.html]].
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