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  • Supports CMake, and uses it to find include paths and such for code intelligence (in Eclipse, I always have to manually add some paths when creating a project)
  • Python is supported (the plugin is even installed by default)
    • But it doesn't include the pro features, even though I have a license
    • The reStructuredText plugin is supported as of 2016.1.3
  • General IntelliJ platform features
    • Good terminal


  • Can't navigate to source code of libraries, only to their headers (this can be very annoying)
    • To be fair, Eclipse CDT isn't very good at this either, but I'm able to work around it by adding dummy projects to my workspace
  • Only supports CMake
  • Greys out my include files in projects, because they aren't marked as sources
  • Doesn't support remote run/debug yet (Eclipse does); see
  • Qt UI files were interpreted as "binary" files, not showing up when searching for text, or in diff view. I removed the association and changed it to XML.
  • Find Usages sometimes misses things (also false positives for "is never used").
  • Can shows macro expansion in "Quick Documentation", but without syntax highlighting, and it doesn't preserve the formatting (Eclipse CDT shows expansion on hover, and allows you to step through multiple expansion steps)
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