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 //See also [[Cxx Libraries|C++ Libraries]]//​ //See also [[Cxx Libraries|C++ Libraries]]//​
-I've found the [[http://​​c++fqa/​index.html|C++ FQA Lite]] ("​Frequently Questioned Answers"​) ​reasonably helpful and fairly entertaining,​ certainly more so than the [[http://​​c++-faq-lite/​|C++ FAQ Lite]] ​by itself.+[[https://​​isocpp/​CppCoreGuidelines|C++ Core Guidelines]] - how to write "​modern"​ C++ 
 +[[http://​​c++fqa/​index.html|C++ FQA Lite]] ("​Frequently Questioned Answers"​) ​ 
 +[[http://​​c++-faq-lite/​|C++ FAQ Lite]]
 ===== Inline arrays ===== ===== Inline arrays =====
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